Elias Engine


Distributed along with your game, the Elias Engine renders dynamic music that adapts to the scenario at hand. Lightweight but powerful, flexible and adaptable, it generates a PCM audio stream that can then be fed to whatever audio playback backend the game uses.

Ease of use

Once integrated, using Elias is very simple. There are two basic methods,

Action Presets

A single function is needed, all the actions can be preconfigured by the composer.

Manual Calls

Send events manually via the API.

Engine API Features

  • Handles IO for streaming audio files.
  • Handles conversions from mono/stereo/5.1/7.1 and back.
  • Can be customized to read from arbitrary data sources.
  • Supports custom decoders if you want to use an audio format that is not natively supported (Wave and Ogg Vorbis work out of the box)
  • Can be customized for applications with special performance requirements


For Unreal Engine 4 and Unity we have pre-made plugins*, allowing you to skip integrating it yourself.

If you are using a different engine we supply a low level SDK suitable for integration with any game engine.

For FMOD, Wwise and Fabric we offer bindings* to help you with the integration.

* Plugins and bindings included in the devkit.