Elias Adaptive Music Engine Goes into High Gear – New CEO and More Investment

Staffan Dahl

Stockholm based startup Elias has developed an engine for adaptive game music that will revolutionize console and computer game music. Elias has recently partnered with Rovio Entertainment, and now they have revealed that Elias Engine is a part of Hazelight’s upcoming game ”A Way Out”. Aside from this, Elias is also recruiting Staffan Dahl as their new CEO as well as raising another 4 million SEK in venture capital.

After two years of secrecy and over 11 million SEK invested, the news about the unknown company Elias was announced earlier this spring. The startup, which was founded in 2015 by Kristofer Eng and Philip Bennefall, has developed a music engine for games that combines interactivity with quality music.

Elias, who recently partnered up with Angry Birds creators Rovio Entertainment have now revealed that Elias Engine will also be used in renowned Swedish film director Josef Fares’ new action/adventure game ”A Way Out”, which is developed by Hazelight and will be published by Electronic Arts. The game got a lot of attention at its unveiling during the E3 convention earlier this month.

Apart from this, Elias also announces that they are raising another 4 million SEK (ca $500,000 USD) from the current shareholders in order to intensify the development process as well as increasing commercial focus. As a part of this, Elias has recruited Staffan Dahl as new CEO and added Peter Åström, CEO of game conglomerate Nordic Leisure, to the board.

The newly appointed CEO Staffan Dahl has close to 20 years of experience in sales and marketing and he has held a number of leading positions in the game and media industries.

“I feel very glad and enthusiastic about getting the opportunity to work with a product that’s pushing technological boundaries. Together with the fantastic team, we will continue to strengthen Elias’ position in a global and expansive market and make it the obvious choice for adaptive game music”, says Staffan Dahl, CEO at Elias.

The company’s founder and former CEO Kristofer Eng stays on as Chief Product Officer.

“We are really happy that we were able to recruit Staffan. With him on board we achieve two goals; we get someone with extensive experience and commercial competence from related markets, and I can free up time to focus on product development”, says Kristofer Eng, founder and CPO at Elias.


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Pictured: Staffan Dahl. Photographer: Annika Falkuggla


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