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Elias 3.1 is Out Now

This is a maintenance release of the Elias Studio, Elias DevKit and Elias Sampler. The focus for the release has been on performance and stability improvements. Log in to download the updates. Elias DevKit – SDK • Fix for smart transitions where the transitions sometimes took a long time to complete. • Many new functions relating to generators […]

From Linear to Adaptive – Elias on Gamasutra

Composer Theo Nogueria has posted an article series on Gamasutra, detailing his transition from linear to adaptive music, using Elias 3 as his tool of choice. Two parts have been published to date, with more on the way. After trying Elias for about a month and getting to know the route they are heading to, […]

Release Announcement: ELIAS 1.7

Today we are proud to announce the release of the ELIAS Music Engine and ELIAS Composer’s Studio v 1.7. Action Presets is the Key to Control and Customisation. This latest version delivers new features targeted at further fine-tuning the customisation options already present in the engine. This update also applies to the ELIAS Unity plugin. […]

What is a ‘Theme’?

The ELIAS Theme library is an extensive collection of professionally composed music that is constantly expanding yet many of you might be wondering what exactly is a “theme”? What makes an ELIAS theme different from a standard music loop and why should I start using themes in my games? Since ELIAS is a multichannel system, […]

Release Announcement: Elias Composer’s Studio 1.5

We’re proud to announce the release of version 1.5 of the ELIAS Composer’s Studio. The ELIAS distribution is now divided into two parts – the studio program for composers and the SDK for developers. Both packages are available for download now. To celebrate the release we’re offering all ELIAS Themes at 50 % off during the whole month […]