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Elias Unity Plugin Update

There’s a patch update available for the Elias Unity Plugin. Release notes: – Replaced the incorrect Elias binaries. – If attempting to use an invalid transition preset, it will now use “default” instead if using the built-in wrappers. – The Elias player inspector should now be better at handling changing project.

Release Announcement: Elias 2.1

Today we’re proud to announce the release of the next major update of Elias. Aside from a lot of improvements under the hood, we have added more effects for you to use when polishing the final mix. Also, the Unity plugin now has support for iOS and Android. Here’s a list of the major updates […]

ELIAS Unity Plugin Update

The ELIAS Unity Plugin has been updated to v1.5. It’s available as a free download. Download Changelog: – Added StartTheme functions so the theme can now be started from other scripts. Either with the pre-set parameters or sent in parameters. – Added a StopTheme function to stop the theme from other scripts without having to […]

New Unity Plugin Available

A new version of the ELIAS Unity plugin is now available. This version significantly reduces the amount of audio output latency, usually to around 100 milliseconds though this is configurable. This release contains some very significant internal changes; be sure to read the full change log in the package for more details.

Release Announcement: ELIAS 1.6

Today we are proud to announce the release of the ELIAS Music Engine and ELIAS Composer’s Studio v 1.6. This latest version delivers new features targeted at further fine-tuning the customisation options already present in the engine. This update also applies to the ELIAS Unity plugin so users will need to download the latest version. […]