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We know all games and game developers are unique, and we realize that no one license model fits everyone.We want to understand your game and your needs, so please contact us for an individualized quote.

Commercial License

Commercial License

Tell us about the game title you are making and we will get back to you with a quote.
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  • Choose range of estimated number of shipped games during the first 24 months after release:
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Average revenue share examples
AAA: 0.05% - 0.3%
AA: 0.6% - 1.2%
Indie: Free - 2.1%
* Buyout/custom options also available
Educational / Non-Commercial License

Included in educational license

  • A selection of ready-to-use soundtracks
  • Mail based support
  • Education material
  • 30 minute online intro for the educator (minimum 5 licenses)
  • Video tutorials
  • Elias Devkit

Educational / Non-Commercial License

This license is strictly for educational purposes. If you plan on releasing the title commercially (i.e. on Steam) even though it is a student project, a commercial license is required.
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