Release Announcement: ELIAS 2

Elias Software Announce Version 2.0 of their Adaptive Music Engine – Streamlined and more powerful than ever.

Stockholm, Sweden – September 13th, 2016 – Elias Software, the Sweden-based company bringing adaptive music to the forefront of gaming has today announced the release of the much anticipated ELIAS Music Engine and ELIAS Studio version 2.0.

This update promises to be the biggest yet, with an arsenal of new features such as ”Transition Presets” and the inclusion of a mixer; improvements on older tools like the renovated track view and under the hood, the ELIAS Music Engine promises to deliver the same versatile results to the world of mobile gaming thanks to streamlining without sacrificing power.

In the time since the last update, Elias Software has been busy listening to the feedback of its client base and implementing sought after features, enabling composers and game developers to further kick it up a notch with adaptive music.

”ELIAS 1 was essentially my vision of how to make adaptive game music. With ELIAS 2 we actually complete that vision but not only that. Co-Founder Philip’s ideas have been given a lot more space and most important of all – Your ideas have come to life. Since we strive to be a company that listens and claims to be for composers by composers, this is our top priority. Finally, with the release of ELIAS 2, the journey to the perfect platform for music in games can continue…” – Kristofer Eng, CEO

The first improvements will be immediately visible upon first starting ELIAS Studio 2 – the entire GUI has had an overhaul. With a context sensitive Inspector and customizable layout of windows, users will have everything at their fingertips, especially with the ELIAS Player now always accessible, allowing for a more effective and controlled workflow.

There is now a Stinger level slider which enables a more fine-tuned approach to creating dynamic adaptive music. ”Multi-Themes” make it possible to transition musically between several Themes while level variations offer a new way to follow in game events and narratives with deeper customization thanks to the new segment tool.

Users will be happy to know that ELIAS Studio 2 includes a mixer, giving them the option to create their final mix within the program, plus the ability to modulate and sweep in real-time together with Action Presets. This updated version of the Composer’s Studio also comes complete with a basic reverb tool.

And the enhancements certainly don’t stop there. Within the ELIAS Music Engine, performance has seen a boost. Reading from disk is now much more efficient, meaning that mobile developers can more easily implement adaptive music into their next project.

”ELIAS 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the engine, and is far more modular and extendable than version 1 as we intend to support this version for a long time. We’ve also put a lot of effort into optimizing everything to run well in environments where performance requirements are especially tight.” – Philip Bennefall, Lead Developer

ELIAS Studio 2 Pro is available now at a 30% introductory discount price. ELIAS Studio 1.7 will remain as a free download for a limited time.

Links: ELIAS Studio 2 | ELIAS Music Engine

3 thoughts on “Release Announcement: ELIAS 2

  1. Richard Jay says:

    I thought that Elias Studio was always free for the composer to use …. is that not going to be the case anymore ?

    • Johan Bergqvist says:

      Hi Richard,

      The ELIAS Studio 2 is no longer merely an authoring tool for the ELIAS Music Engine – it can do so much more. Add to that the fact that it has taken three years to develop. We thought it was reasonable charging a modest sum for a program that allows composers to get complete control over their compositions. There are a lot of new features and effects coming in future ELIAS Studio 2 updates, all of which will be available at no extra cost for those who have purchased a studio license.

      For those who want a free alternative, ELIAS Studio 1.7 is still available.

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