Release Announcement: Elias 2.1

Today we’re proud to announce the release of the next major update of Elias. Aside from a lot of improvements under the hood, we have added more effects for you to use when polishing the final mix. Also, the Unity plugin now has support for iOS and Android.

Here’s a list of the major updates in the Elias Studio:

  • Effects now have custom GUI:s with sliders for easier control.
  • Variations can now be auditioned so you can listen to them isolated without playing the theme.
  • Move and copy variations by drag and drop.
  • Balance effect is now available to add to bus slots.
  • Compressor effect
  • Filter effect
  • The volume sliders beneath each bus now change the send at slot 9 (last slot) if there is one, except for the main bus, where it will instead modify the input gain
  • The level ghost numbers are back from Elias 1 to easier see what levels you are working with.
  • The time it takes to switch between themes is a lot shorter.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for playback are now available in the help menu under “Player”.
  • Lots of optimizations for the engine!

Log in on your account to download the updated Elias Studio and plugins.

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