ELIAS Composer Contest

Are you a game composer? Do you have experience in writing adaptive game music? Then YOU are the one we’re looking for! We at ELIAS Software are eager to hear what composers out in the world are creating with our tool, which is why we decided to have a little friendly competition in the name of […]

Release Announcement: ELIAS World Tour

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our game ELIAS World Tour! Several months in the making, the game contains no less than 100 trigger levels and over 400 stem variations! This is our idea of how the world “sounds”. We wanted to use as much live instrumentation as possible, have as many different instruments as […]

Release Announcement: ELIAS 1.6

Today we are proud to announce the release of the ELIAS Music Engine and ELIAS Composer’s Studio v 1.6. This latest version delivers new features targeted at further fine-tuning the customisation options already present in the engine. This update also applies to the ELIAS Unity plugin so users will need to download the latest version. […]

A Blast from the Past – Chiptunes!

The game industry is an exciting and fast growing industry that has taken huge steps in a relatively short time. Today we are going to turn back the clock about 30 years or so to when the music of home computers and home consoles was something completely different to the epic scores we’re used to […]

What is a ‘Theme’?

The ELIAS Theme library is an extensive collection of professionally composed music that is constantly expanding yet many of you might be wondering what exactly is a “theme”? What makes an ELIAS theme different from a standard music loop and why should I start using themes in my games? Since ELIAS is a multichannel system, […]

New Unity Plugin now available

An updated Unity plugin for Windows and Mac is now available for download. Version 1.1: Added a visual interface which simplifies the process of importing and configuring themes. Added an example scene which demonstrates how ELIAS may be integrated into a game. Fixed a bug in the binding that caused problems on Mac. Fixed some resource leaks. […]