Meet the Composers: Per Hallman and Linus Kåse

We have only just started rolling out ready-to-use adaptive game soundtracks, and now we want you to meet the first two composers whose music is now available for purchase.

Linus Kåse

Tell us about your musical background!

I come from a musical family. My father was a musician and my brothers are as well. Music was always playing at home and I remember fiddling away om the piano and banging on my brother’s drum kit when I was very little. I started playing saxophone when I was ten and continued studying jazz in high school and college. I’ve played with numerous bands and artists and have been composing a lot of original music for my own groups. I started my band Brighteye Brison in 2000 with which we’ve released four albums of which I’m very proud. I write and produce synthpop in Nius X and also recently released my first solo album. I continue to write music for other artists. Added to that Iím the keyboard player of progressive rock band Änglagård

Do you have a special method when you compose? Pen & paper/directly to daw or other.

I like composing directly to DAW. I started using Cubase on Atari in 1992 and have always felt comfortable with that method although I’ve done my fair share of using pen and paper. Usually I get a melodic line or rythmic pattern in my head and I start recording instantly and expand on those ideas.

What equpiment do you use? Favorite hardware and software?

I record into my laptop with Cubase, which is my favorite software. I have a nice old Tascam mixer that I sometime run things through to obtain some warm distortion. Favorite hardware would be Hammond B3.

What kind of music do you most enjoy to make?

When I write for Elias I enjoy composing whatever style I’m asked to do. I always find inspiration in listening to music, even if it’s something I don’t usually listen to. Spotify is a great tool for that which I couldn’t work without. I like to find the qualities in all kinds of music and expand on those. Other than that I love composing long progressive rock pieces.

What inspires you when composing for Elias? (Other composers, bands and artist for example)

I get inspired by Gentle Giant, Genesis, Emerson Lake & Palmer. Also Gary Numan, Nik Kershaw and others. I love the soundtracks of Vince DiCola. He’s an amazing composer and musician. For jazz music I tend to go to Joe Lovano, Jerry Bergonzi and Kenny Garrett for inspiration.

Is there something in particular that Elias does that you have not been able to to before?

The Elias Composer’s Studio is amazing in that it is a live mixing console. I can tweak parameters of the sound after the final mixdowns which gives me the opportunity set various moods after mixdown. Elias can pretty much randomize anything if I wish which gives textures to my composition in ways I could never think of. Elias make the themes extremely organic.

Do you have any favourite games?

The Last Ninja, no doubt! I remember getting Last Ninja 2 for Christmas when I was a kid. I must have played through that game fifty times. Whenever a new Last Ninja game came out that would be what we would talk about in school. Cool music too!

At the end of long day in the studio, what do you do to relax?

I probably watch some Sci-Fi show on TV.

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Per Hallman

Tell us about your musical background!

I grew up in a musical home with my mom and dad playing music and singing a lot with me and my sister. After high school I did one extra year in a high specialized in music and two years of community college, where I found an interest for sound engineering and producing. After that I started my own company, recording music. I started out small, but in a few years I was able to buy a music studio together with a partner. Since then I have worked either full time or part time with recording and writing music and lyrics. I am currently happy to share studio space with founder and CPO of Elias Software (and long time friend), Kristofer Eng.

Do you have a special method when you compose? Pen & paper/directly to daw or other.

I usually just sit down and play, either on a piano at home or on one of my numerous synthesizers and other keyboards in the studio. Usually that sparks a musical idea that I can develop into a song or an Elias theme. Then I record that into Cubase and start layering tracks into a finished product. I hardly ever touch pen and paper – if I’m not writing lyrics, that is.

What equpiment do you use? Favorite hardware and software?

I love using analog instruments like Minimoog, Mellotron and Hammond organs, because those instruments inspire me much more than in-box keyboard sounds would ever do. Right now my favorite hardware must be the Roland VP-330 vocoder. I use that in some fashion on every single Elias theme. When it comes to software I couldn’t live without the UAD Powered plug-ins.

What kind of music do you most enjoy to make?

It sounds like a cliche, but I actually love most kinds of music. What I’m looking for is variety, so I wouldn’t like to be stuck in a niche. If I had to choose one though, it would probably be progressive rock.

What inspires you when composing for Elias? (Other composers and artist for example)

I can’t deny that the work of Vangelis has been a big influence on a few of the Elias themes. I also like the soundscapes of Daniel Lanois’ productions and try to do something similar in my work.

Is there something in praticular that Elias does that you havn’t been able to do before?

I love the randomness of the Exploration Mode! It is wonderful to hear the sometimes unexpected, but great things, that happens when two tracks work together in a way that I hadn’t planned for.

Do you have any favorite games?

The best online gaming experience I’ve had was the original MotorStorm game on PS3. Those battles I had with some friends were epic! I’m also a strategy war game nerd and love to play American Civil war games, like the somewhat recent Scourge of War series (PC).

At the end of long day in the studio what do you do to relax?

Right now I know nothing better than to spend time with my lovely wife Linnea in the house we just bought.

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