Elias composer Contest 2019


Elias is an adaptive music engine that enables the game soundtrack to follow the story LIVE and adapt perfectly to what the player is doing. However, in this contest you will just write linear music to a video clip from a demo game (download here) and imagine how you would like Elias to respond to the gameplay. The winners will be announced at GDC in March.


The jury will make their verdict based on originality, mix/arrangement and adaptivity. Use all that is transpiring during the gameplay in the video (i.e. if the character is hot or cold, picking up crystals, etc.) to craft your game soundtrack! Add your music to the video, upload it on YouTube or another video streaming service of your choice and enter the contest using the form below. The deadline for submissions is March 11th, 2019.

The Jury

The submissions will be judged by a panel consisting of respected game composers and industry veterans:

Sam Hulick

Mass Effect / Baldur’s Gate / A Way Out etc.

Robert Lundgren

Mutant: Year Zero – Road to Eden

Gustaf Grefberg

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons / A Way Out etc.

Hendrik Schwarzer

Orchestral Tools

Jan Lepold

Orchestral Tools

Dale Crowley

DesigningMusicNow / Somatone

Kristofer Eng

Founder Elias Software

Martin Barreby

Composer Elias Software


  1. The winner will get The Elias Essential Orchestra made by our partners Orchestral Tools for the Elias Sampler and 3 months of free service on Reel Crafter.
  2. The first runner-up will get 3 Elias libraries of choice for the Elias Sampler and 1 month of free service on Reel Crafter
  3. The second runner-up will get 1 Elias sample library of choice for the Elias Sampler and 30% off on 1 month’s service on Reel Crafter.

Reel Crafter is a service created by Sam Hulick that allows composers to create and share online demo reels.

Happy composing!