Elias 3: Our Biggest Update Yet!

The World’s Most Powerful Game Music Engine Just Got Better!

We are proud to announce the release of Elias 3. We have worked long and hard to create the most powerful and intuitive tool for adaptive game music, and with your help we’ve gotten there!

We’re Bringing MIDI Back

Elias 3 is our biggest update yet with vast improvements in performance. The Elias Studio GUI has been improved and refined, but the single most exciting new feature of Elias 3 is MIDI. Make hours upon hours of music without having to worry about file size. You can also combine MIDI and audio to get the best from both worlds. MIDI is back and here to stay!

Growing List of Sound Library Partners

MIDI is nothing if the sounds aren’t great. Therefore, we’ve teamed up with the best sound library providers in the world to ensure you get the highest quality sounds available. We are also making our own libraries like the Elias Tiny Band, which comes bundled for free with Elias Studio 3 (it has now been updated with string samples), and get massive soundtracks into your mobile games without using more than a few megabytes of space; and Elias Percussion 1, consisting of a variety of snares and a large selection of percussion instruments recorded in the Royal Concert Hall in Stockholm, Sweden.

Last month we introduced two great guitar libraries from Indiginus. The list of sound library providers joining the Elias platform keeps growing and we will announce them as they become available.


A Symphonic Orchestra Live in Your Game

We are thrilled to announce the release of Elias Essential Orchestra, courtesy of Orchestral Tools. It has been assembled from their existing libraries and modified specifically for use in Elias, and with it you can, for the very first time, have a full symphonic orchestra playing live in your game.

We really hope you appreciate this possibility as much as we do! Not to mention that it is one of the best sounding libraries on the market.

If you want to evaluate the software, we are now offering Elias Studio Free. To unlock full functionality, just purchase the Elias Studio Pro Upgrade.

All the Implementation Tools You Need

Naturally, we’ve also updated our Unity and UE4 plugins, which are available together with the Elias 3 SDK in the Elias DevKit.

Our mission is to make creating and implementing game music scores simpler and more fun, and we’ve only just started. We will continue to add new and exciting features – therefore, we’d love to hear your feedback on the new Elias products.