Elias Affiliate Program

  • Do you want to be a part of the adaptive music revolution?
  • Are you passionate about new technology, gaming and music?
  • Do you want to contribute, influence and shape tomorrow’s gaming experience?
  • Are you a composer and/or a game developer?

Being part of the Elias Affiliate Program, you will get free access to updates of our software and plugins before they’re released, play games with adaptive game music created with Elias for your audience and be part of a great community. We also offer our affiliates free seminars, tailor made courses and education in adaptive game music.

When deciding if an influencer is a good match for the Elias Affiliate Program, we have a few things we are looking for: The amount of subscribers or followers is not the most essential thing, but rather the relevance of your target group, how you engage with your community and your expertise in game music composing and/or game development.

And maybe one of the most rewarding things about working together with Elias in the gaming industry is the possibility to share your passion and at the same time influencing the future of game music.

Things you need to apply:

  • You are currently active within game music, game development and/or composing.
  • You are passionate about what you do, interested in the gaming sector.
  • You lead a great and active community where the members share a passion for the games they play and new technology.
  • You have social media subscribers/followers of a minimum of 10 000 in a relevant target group.
  • Your main language of communication is English.

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