In order to make an adaptive game soundtrack, you need intuitive tools and resources to help you.


New sound design tool coming in 2020.

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Elias Studio

The Elias Studio is game composer’s tool for intuitively arranging adaptive music scores with unrivaled ease of use. You arrange your pre-recorded music files and decide how the music will transition in the game. With this tool, the composer can have complete control of the game soundtrack, and make everything ready for the game developer. Free and Pro versions available.

Elias Sampler for Daws

With the Elias Sampler for DAWs, you can use the same sound libraries you use in your game while you’re recording your music. Both VST and AU versions are available.


Elias Sample Libraries

We have a variety of sound libraries that have been optimized for use in games. The Elias Tiny band is bundled for free with both versions of Elias Studio, and we have premium libraries that we have created ourselves, but also third party samples from Orchestral Tools, RedPipe and Indiginus.

Elias Soundtracks

We offer a wide range of ready-to-use, royalty-free soundtracks for you to use in your games, or as temp music while you search for the right composer. All soundtracks come with pre-configured settings, complete with the necessary stingers. You can re-arrange the files and tweak everything to your own liking.



When you’ve created your adaptive soundtrack and finished work in Elias Studio, it’s time for game implementation. The Elias DevKit contains all the tools you need.


Elias Devkit

Regardless of whether you’re making a game in UE4, Unity or a proprietary engine, the Elias Devkit contains the plugins and SDKs you need. Elias has support for all major platforms (PC, console, mobile) and works together with other sound engines.

Tools Included
  • Elias 3 SDK
  • Elias 3 Unity Plugin
  • Elias 3 Unreal Engine 4 Plugin
  • FMOD Example Integration
  • Wwise Example Integration

Binaries for XBO and PS4 are not included in the Devkit but can be provided upon request.

Note: The Devkit is a free product, but in order to use the Elias Engine in your game you need a publishing license.