About Elias

Elias is a vibrant company providing high quality tools and services, bridging the gaps between game developers, sound designers and music composers. With a modern and fast workflow and deep game engine integration, Elias’ audio tools enable unprecedented creative control.


Kristofer Eng (a professional studio musician, composer and teacher) had long been dissatisfied with the way music was handled in video games. It was clear to him that while the music itself was excellent, the way in which it was rendered at run-time was far from ideal. He started doing research and surveys, and discovered that composers and gamers alike shared his frustration. He began working on a solution to the problem over the course of several months, asking for feedback from various game developers and music professionals along the way.

With the initial reactions being positive, Kristofer decided that a more thorough sketch of the system would have to be drawn up. He imagined a concept where the music would not simply be comprised of static loops or a few stems, but split up into layered parts in order to make it possible to really adapt the composition dynamically. At this stage, the idea was formed but it was far from certain whether it would actually work in practice or not. Kristofer called in Philip Bennefall (a seasoned C++ programmer and audio engineer), requesting that he take a look at the ideas and sketches that had been made.

Intrigued, Philip began work on a simple prototype. This prototype was favorably received by testers despite its limitations and missing features. It was decided that if the idea was to be fully realized, a complete implementation would have to be written and a corporation to support the product would have to be started. Encouraged by the reception of the prototype, Philip’s work on the full implementation commenced. Roughly one year after the initial prototype saw the light of day, version 1.0 of the engine was finished and the Elias corporation was born.